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Who We Are

About ATA Martial Arts Keizer in Keizer, OR

Carson Clews

Owner and Chief Instructor at ATA Martial Arts Keizer in Keizer, 6th Degree Black Belt

Welcome to the premier confidence building Martial Arts school in Keizer! ATA Martial Arts and Karate for Kids in Keizer has been teaching kids, adults, and families for the last 17 years! We are proud members of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) and teach many different martial arts, but specialize in Taekwondo.

We are best known for our Karate for Kids program, as well as our ATA Tigers program. Both have been proven to be the most effective means of building confidence, discipline, focus, respect, and self-defense in kids, giving them the modern-day advantage of achieving their goals, whatever they may be.

Our adult students repeatedly say that they get the same benefits in their classes as the kids do in theirs, while also getting in the best shape of their lives. (We adults sometimes need more discipline, self-control and confidence ourselves, right?). We offer both traditional Martial Arts and Krav Maga programs for adults – both of which are CHALLENGING, FUN and EXCITING!

Are you wondering what some of the awesome benefits are for both kids and adults? How about…

  • Mind blowing gains in fitness & boundless energy
  • An amazing workout, super fit body and lean muscles
  • Mental strength, clarity & a lot less stress and anxiety
  • Unbelievable focus, determination & confidence

Training in Tae Kwon Do or Karate isn’t just about fighting, attacking and punching. It’s WAY more than that! Kids also learn about physical fitness, conditioning, agility and develop valuable life skills.

That means you’ll be in excellent physical shape, strong and quick! You’ll never have to worry about being bullied in school - or anywhere - because you’ll know how to spot potentially harmful situations so you can walk away before things get bad. You’ll also have the confidence and know how to defend yourself and friends, if necessary.  

Practicing Martial Arts is truly life-transforming and life-enriching. And the beauty of it is that it’s AFFORDABLE. We like to call it “affordable excellence.”

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Get ready to achieve maximum success both on and off the mat through personal goal setting. Short- and long-term goals… and we’ll help you do that every step of the way. Whether it’s better grades, weight loss, fitness gains or a positive attitude you want, most of our students notice changes within the first couple of weeks.

Come see what we’re all about and take advantage of the best prices, the most amazing instructors, and have the most FUN you’ve ever had getting fit!  We can't wait to train with you and cheer you on every time you accomplish something big or small.  See you soon!

Meet Our Awesome Instructor

Carson Clews is a 6th Degree Black Belt in the American Taekwondo Association. He has been training for 21 years (starting at 11 years old), and teaching for 17 years.

Master Clews started as a distracted 11 year old with ADD and quickly grew to love everything about taekwondo.

He started teaching at 14 years old, earned his International Instructor Certification with the ATA in 2003, and continued improving his teaching skills until it was time to become the owner of his own school in 2016.

Competing at the local, district and world level has been a highlight of his career. He took 3rd place in the world in 2018 for Extreme Weapons Demonstration and Creative Weapons Demonstration.

Master Clews loves sharing his passion for competition and weapons with his students. He is also well known around the Northwest Region for his knowledge of weapons training. These include nunchucks, bo staff, sticks, swords, kamas, and cane.

How to Get Started

Come join our Keizer, OR Martial Arts facility! We offer programs in Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, and Birthday Parties. Choose a program that most interests you and have the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (503) 393-4330 if you have any further questions. ATA Martial Arts Keizer hopes to speak with you soon!